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stl_binary_writer.h File Reference

Writer for STL binary files. More...

#include "stl_binary_tables.h"
#include <string>
#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>
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void sub::write_stl_binary (std::list< Subtitle > subtitles, float frames_per_second, Language language, std::string original_programme_title, std::string original_episode_title, std::string translated_programme_title, std::string translated_episode_title, std::string translator_name, std::string translator_contact_details, std::string creation_date, std::string revision_date, int revision_number, std::string country_of_origin, std::string publisher, std::string editor_name, std::string editor_contact_details, boost::filesystem::path file_name)

Detailed Description

Writer for STL binary files.