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 CBlockA block of text within a subtitle's line
 CColourAn RGB colour
 CDCPReaderA class which reads DCP subtitles
 CFontSizeA description of a font's size in one of a number of ways
 CLineA line of text within a subtitle
 CRawSubtitleA bit of a subtitle, created with no regard for any nearby bits
 CReaderParent for classes which can read particular subtitle formats
 CSTLBinaryCodeA value of some STL parameter and a human-readable description of what it means
 CSTLBinaryReaderA class to read binary STL files
 CSTLBinaryTablesA set of conversion tables for STL binary files
 CSTLErrorAn error raised when reading a binary STL file
 CSTLTextReaderA class to read textual STL files
 CSubripErrorAn error raised when reading a Subrip file
 CSubtitleA subtitle which has been collected into lines and blocks
 CVerticalPositionVertical position of the baseline of some text, expressed in one of a number of ways
 CXMLErrorAn error raised when reading an XML file