is a free, open-source program to generate Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) from videos or images.

It can take files in many different formats, including VOB (from DVDs), M2TS (from Blu-Ray), MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV and lots of others. It will also read JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc. for still-image DCPs.

It will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Development of DVD-o-matic has now moved to a renamed project called DCP-o-matic which provides all of DVD-o-matic's features and some more of its own. It remains free and open-source. You are encouraged to use DCP-o-matic unless you have a pressing need not to.

The final version of DVD-o-matic is 0.132, available below. No new versions will be released.

Download it for:

Windows32-bit 64-bit
Mac OS X.dmg
Ubuntu 12.0432-bit 64-bit
Ubuntu 12.1032-bit 64-bit
Ubuntu 13.04, Mint 1532-bit 64-bit
Source code.tar.bz2